The Teaching Period So Far

Ok so here we are. Week 2 of a 12 week Teaching Period. Here’s what has been happening this week:

  • I contracted a head cold from who knows where!
  • I am now 25 weeks pregnant and our due date was changed by the obstetrician to the 7th of July rather than the 9th- why? No idea.
  • My daughter went 9 days without a poop. Then we went to the doctors and got that fixed. So that’s a non-issue now.
  • We had our finances shuffled around in order to be able to complete some more renovations in our house before Bunny is born.

In terms of school, I am loving it so far. So much so that I was considering taking up an extra unit next Teaching Period. Then I realised something very important: the next Teaching Period starts on the 10th of July- 3 days after our due date haha. So, no. I think I will just stick to the one unit at a time for now.

I am still organising my registration for teaching. And by still I mean that I have barely begun to scratch the surface of the list of things that is needed for the application. Seriously. They should have just asked for a few vats of my blood and my first born. That probably would have been easier.

This week we learnt and discussed the concept of collective guilt. A very important concept to consider when your unit is titled Understanding Indigenous Education and Perspectives. I began wondering whether or not I had ever experienced this phenomenon of collective guilt. And I honestly think I did but more so in a way of acknowledging what has happened in our history but feeling powerless to do anything to help with reconciliation.

Knowing that I am studying to be a teacher and will have to cover Australian and Aboriginal history throughout the curriculum has really helped with that feeling of helplessness. I feel less guilty for some reason because I know that I will do everything in my power to educate my students on the full history of our Nation, rather than the incredibly white version I was taught in school.

Anyway, believe it or not I was actually going to stop doing this blog. After ONE post. Which is ridiculous. Because even just typing this I feel more centred and focused on my studies and my wants and ideas of myself as a teacher. Not to mention it keeps me sane with the juggling act of study, parenting and life in general!

Here’s hoping your weekend is fabulous and that mine does not involve vomit. Yeah. Still having morning sickness over here.



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