Standard Introduction Post

Well hello there.

Chances are I just said hello to no one but talking to myself is something I am well versed at- this is just bringing it into the digital age.

Where to begin? Probably with an introduction since this is in actual fact an introduction post. My name is Kristel. Pronounced like Crystal if we’re meeting face to face or as Chris-tell if you’re reading it from a piece of paper. I’ve had it both ways. What it most definitely is not is KristeN or KristY. Nope. Oh and try calling me Kris and see what happens. It’s not pretty. Mostly because my face is not pretty when it goes very red.

The boring stuff:

  • I am 27 years old.
  • I am married to my wonderful husband Brad for 3 years in April but we  have been together for 12 years in October.
  • We have a two year old daughter Holly. She is a total bright spark with a dash of the devil in her.
  • I am currently pregnant with our second daughter, due early July. We call her Bunny for now.
  • We all live in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne with our two (old, very old) dogs- Scoobie (a gorgeous brown Kelpie cross Border Collie) and Pogo (a tiny white Maltese with no teeth), and our cat- Princess Peaches.
  • I am currently studying my Master of Education (hence Motherstudent), after completing my Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) last October. I do this online with Swinburne University as I am still working casually in Aged Care.

This blog is basically dedicated to the ups, downs and complete roller coaster that is studying while pregnant, with a toddler and fighting hyperemesis gravidarum (which will hopefully clear up soon!). I’ll be writing on here to whinge, to vent, to laugh, to cry and to basically have a breakdown once a month when assignments are due. I will also be looking for tips and tricks (and hopefully sharing any good ones I find!) about teaching and classroom management. Oh, and being more organised because it is most definitely my biggest downfall.

Goodbye to the billions that haven’t read this and probably never will.



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